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TinTin bellringing methods

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TinTin bellringing methods

A reference for Method ringing campanologists
Contains over 17,000 ringing methods for study or for a quick reminder whilst in the belfry


choose method - favourites list

Quickly select a bellringing method from your list of favourite methods.

Search for more methods using the magnifying glass, or the full list (loads in in the background)

choose method - full list

Select a bellringing method from the extensive list provided, use the index on the right to quickly move through the list.

In edit mode, add / remove methods from your favouries list by tapping the appropriate method. (also available in search).

search for a method

Search for a particular method by entering a part of its name in the search box.

Methods are divided by the number of working bells from minor (4) to maximus (12)

display method

show/hide the title bar with a single tap

Zoom in and out to display less or more detail

scroll through the method by dragging or by double tapping in the top or bottom corners.

change view options

Turn on/off grid lines

Enable individual bell lines and quickly show a single bell line (solo)

change options for solo view - show bell numbers for the solo bell, the solo bell and the bell it is following, all bells or no bells at all.